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Simulation and Control

Mathematical modeling of ships ranging from yachts to bulk carriers, real world measurement campaigns on the Danube to the North Sea, automatic control applications including autopilot, dynamic positioning and automatic track-keeping systems.


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Update: Version 2.2 of argoTrackPilot available

  • argoLaneWarning: AIS-based collision warning along guiding line
  • argoTargetPilot: Platooning for inland vessels, automatic following of AIS targets, based on vessel train project NOVIMAR. Smoothness of reference track improved
  • argoTracks: Filtering by name

A new version for argoTrackPilot is available starting today.
Contact the support hotline in order to update your trackpilot.
You can find more information about new features and improvements in the release notes.

Subsidy of up to 80% for argoTrackPilot / AlphaRiverTrackPilot!
The new subsidy program of BMVI "Zuwendungen für Vorhaben zur nachhaltigen Modernisierung von Binnenschiffen" started on 1st July 2021. Chapter 3.1.1 explicitly calls for automatic track-keeping systems like argoTrackPilot. Contact us, the market leader for automatic track-keeping systems, with more than 300,000h of automatic sailing on all rivers and canals in Europe! We support you in applying for the subsidy.

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At you will find helpful additions to your AlphaRiverTrackPilot/argoTrackPilot.
argoTracks are a set of guiding lines which were created by experienced skippers. You can follow them with your trackpilot after activation.
With argoSupport you keep your trackpilot up to date. We release new versions with additional functions every three months. The trackpilot performance is increased with every release. On top of this you receive support from the Argonics team.

Argonics and Argonav: Bundling of Competencies in Inland Shipping

RADARpilot720° is the leading electronic chart display system with radar overlay which meets the Inland ECDIS standards. In association with the RADARpilot720°, over the course of more than 20 years, in–innovative navigation GmbH has developed numerous successful navigation components for inland shipping, the quality of which is valued by loyal customers.

The argoTrackPilot/AlphaRiverTrackPilot, developed by Argonics GmbH, proves that automatic track-keeping systems ease navigation for the skipper considerably. At night and in fog, consistently high control performance ensures an increase in safety. More than 100,000 hours of automatic sailing on all European rivers attest to the extraordinary reliability of the leading automatic track-keeping system.

Henceforth, the competencies in the area of ​​navigation systems from in–innovative navigation GmbH will be bundled with the competencies in the area of automatic ​​control of inland vessels from Argonics GmbH. To this end, Argonav GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Argonics GmbH. The business area of ​​in–innovative navigation GmbH concerning the RADARpilot720 ° is brought into the new company Argonav GmbH. The core team of the RADARpilot720 ° led by Dr. Martin Sandler will continue to take care of the Inland ECDIS navigation systems for inland vessels at Argonav GmbH.

The group of companies consisting of Argonics GmbH and Argonav GmbH form a technologically leading unit in the field of inland navigation. Automatic control, sensor technology, map and radar image processing paired with programming and IT skills are essential components of the joint know-how. It is the basis for future developments of products leading to automated and finally autonomous shipping. This is complemented by the extensive involvement of the two companies in various research projects such as NOVIMAR, SCIPPPER, AKOON and FernBin.

Argonics and Argonav will bundle their inland shipping activities from February 2021 in new, shared offices in Stuttgart - Vaihingen.

September 2020: Visit our booth 140 at Shipping, Technics, Logistics in Kalkar.

We are presenting version 2.0 of argoTrackPilot:

  • Guiding line service
  • Safety corridors
  • Adjustable distance warning
  • Adjustable drift behavior
  • Improved control performance
  • Online update
  • argoTargetPilot (automatic following of AIS targets)
  • Lever with haptic feedback (now available for Alphatron remote tiller)

Preview of argoLockPilot. Come and check it out!

July 2020: FernBin receives funding

The project FernBin started in July 2020. Within the scope of FernBin the coordinated remote-controlled navigation of inland vessels is examined. The vessel will be operated from a remote control station instead of from the wheelhouse of the vessel. All tasks relevant for navigation have to be operated remotely. In order to enable the simultaneous operation of several vessels by a single operator navigational tasks will be automated beyond the current state of art within this project. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

May 2020: Platooning for Inland Vessels: argoTargetPilot on Scylla's Geoffrey Chaucer

Automatically following AIS targets at a defined distance through the combination of argoTrackPilot/AlphaRiverTrackPilot and AlphaFuelControl. The distance to the vessel in front is automatically controlled. As reference track, one can choose the path of the vessel in front or the own guiding line.

May 2019: Introduction of haptic feedback at "Maritime Industry" in Gorinchem

The lever for the most intuitive way of steering with argoTrackPilot was presented at "Maritime Industry" in Gorinchem. Read about it in the current issue of "Binnenschifffahrt".

February 2019: Development of lever with haptic feedback

In cooperation with Gessmann argonics developed a lever for the most intuitive way of steering with argoTrackPilot. Check out this video (switch to HD) and don't wait for future promises. The future is now.

December 2018: BinStabilität will be funded

The project BinStabilität will start in January 2019. During the course of this project the dynamic stability of inland vessels will be investigated. An onboard system which will warn the captain of an upcoming stability issue will be developed. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

November 2018: SCIPPPER – Automatic Lock-Entering

The Project „SChleusenassistenzsystem basIerend auf PPP und VDES für die BinnenschifffahRt“, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), has been granted and will start on November 1, 2018. Project coordinator: Argonics GmbH.

October 2018: NOVIMAR – Vessel Trains on Waterways

Since May 2017 Argonics GmbH has been lending its expertise in the development of vessel trains. More information can be found on the official project website. This project is funded by the European Union as part of the research and development program Horizon 2020.